Creative Action Mobile Lab, or CAML
What is this CAML?
A rapid response RV outfitted with a digital media lab and activist art workshop and library for creative action art builds, trainings and digital media documentation in response to frontline direct action requests.


Mobile Lab Functional Break Down

-Rapid Response Art creation: A retrofitted recreational vehicle that will serve as the technical headquarters as well as base level living accommodations for a team of mobile activist artists
-Trainings & Capacity-building Workshops
-Media/Content Creation (Digital Storytelling)


Assumptions (the”why) behind the Mobile Lab

-There is transformative power of creative collaboration between artists and frontline community members as they take part in confrontational protest or direct action
-Artists are often a bridge between social justice movements and able to help demonstrate that the problems we face are not distinct from one another
-Our commonalities and our differences are a source of strength and a springboard for new creative processes
-Infrastructure to create this art, however, is often siloed in isolated communities or singular place-based organizations, while artists and cultural organizers move through various communities and work with other artists around the country
-Artists/Cultural Organizers desire to (1) to strengthen our connections with each other outside of large, organizationally funded “movement moments (2) expand our knowledge base and exchanges aesthetic practices